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King Murphy's Stones

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

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Black Obsidian - a protective & grounding stone. Works well for root chakra.

Orange Calcite - an energizing & cleansing stone. Strongly connected to sacral chakra.

Purple Lepidolite - aka "crystal Xanax" as it contains naturally occurring lithium. Helps with emotional balance & inner peace. Great for third eye chakra.

Ruby in Fuchsite - encourages emotional well-being & personal growth. Energizes the root and heart chakras. 

Yooperlite - releases anger & negative thoughts. Helps to fight fears/phobias. Stimulates self-acceptance. Beneficial to throat chakra.


Please note: these are one of a kind items; sizes, shapes & slight coloration will vary. We intuitively select each item to fulfill your order, so while we cannot guarantee requests, we welcome you to make a note at checkout if you would prefer a specific color or flash on items that significantly vary.

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